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​​​​​​​Helping Your Child

​On this page, you will find helpful tips that we hope will help you to support your child in their learning. There is guidance about how to question your child when reading, the way our planners are designed to be used and lots of helpful tips for how to get the most out of maths homework! Our staff are always happy to help and guide you if you need further information or support. We are hoping to upload further guidance documents that will help you use the calculation strategies we teach in school as soon as possible.

CPJA Handwriting Policy - Oct16 - Appendix A.pdf
CPJA Handwriting Policy - Oct16 - Appendix B.pdf
CPJA Handwriting Policy - Oct16.pdf
Planners at CPJA.pdf

Reading Tips

10 tips for hearing your ​​child read


​Helping your child with their Maths homework 


Homework Strategies.pdf
Parent Night Handout.pdf