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Castleford Park Junior Academy

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Keeping your child safe​​

Keeping your child safe

All our staff work to ensure every pupil is safe. Miss K Law, Mrs D Foster, Mrs J Roberts, Miss S Duggan and Mr L Booth are designated safeguarding leaders within school.

Mrs C Bednar, Mrs S Reed, and Mrs S Towell manage our PSHCE & SEAL Curriculum to ensure pupils stay safe & healthy at all times 


​Here, you can access all the policies that are related to ensuring your children are safe in our care. ​​​

Anti-bullying Policy  Sept 18.pdf
Appendix to anti-bullying policy (homophobic language).pdf
Children Missing in Education Policy Sept 18.pdf
Equal Opportunities Policy Nov 2018 .pdf
Equality Action Plan Nov 2018 .pdf
Equality Statement Nov 2018.pdf
Exclusions Policy Nov 2018.pdf
Home School Agreement 2018-19.pdf
Online Safety Policy Sept 2018.pdf
Positive Behaviour Policy Oct 2018.pdf
Positive Handling Policy  May 2018.pdf
Restorative Practice Policy 2018.pdf
Safe Sporting Environment  Policy 2019.pdf
Safeguarding policy 2018-2019 version 1.3.pdf
Safer Recruitment 2018.pdf
School Visitor Safeguarding Guide .pdf
SEND Policy 2018-19.pdf
Staff Code of Conduct 2016-19.pdf
Visitors Into School Policy Sept 2017.pdf
Whistleblowing Policy Sep 17.pdf

'Keeping Children Safe in Education' is legislative guidance from the Department for Education that schools must adhere to. Our 'Safeguarding Policy' relates mainly to this guidance and how we follow it in our school.

In order to ensure that staff appreciate the safeguarding responsibility that accompanies their job role, we have a clear 'Code of Conduct' and a 'Whistleblowing Policy'. Our 'Safer Recruitment Policy' explains the care and attention we take in order to appoint moral and responsible people to work in our school and our 'Visitors Policy' explains how we monitor all adults working within the building.

Our 'Anti-Bullying' 'Internet Safety' and 'Positive Handling' policies explain how we safeguard our pupils whilst they are within school.

Our SEND​ policy and equality plans indicate how we safeguard and support vulnerable pupils within our care.

​Below are links to online pages where you can find information about keeping your children safe out of school.​


           NSPCC Net Aware       















Part of keeping your child safe is allowing them to discuss sensitive issues to make sure that they are fully confident in dealing with any situations that arise and have the confidence to raise any issues or questions they have. Our Personal Social and Health Education and Sex and Relationships Education Policy explains this in more detail.

PSHE SRE Drugs Education and Incidents Policy 2019.pdf