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On this page, you will find helpful tips that we hope will help you to support your child in their learning. There is guidance about how to question your child when reading, the way our planners are designed to be used and lots of helpful tips for how to get the most out of maths homework! Our staff are always happy to help and guide you if you need further information or support. 

A fantastic place to find appropriate book recommendations for your child:

Reading Tips

10 tips for listening to your child read

Helping your child with their Maths homework 

​​​​’Teaching your child how to solve written calculations’ explains how we teach each operation to your children and the steps we work through to make sure that they understand them’. 

Parent Information Evening Handouts

Maths Help

At Castleford Park Junior Academy, we believe all children can achieve in mathematics and our lessons focus on developing children’s conceptual understanding and their ability to reason and explain, making links where appropriate. Using the Same Day Intervention, incorporating a ‘learning pit stop,’ whereby teachers have time to assess the children’s progress so far, we ensure that misconceptions are identified and teacher intervention and support can be put in place immediately. Similarly, the ‘learning pit stop’ allows the children who have good conceptual understanding to be further challenged in their learning through reasoning and problem solving in order to gain a deeper understanding, either independently or as part of an adult led task.

Once children secure fluency in mathematical concepts, they are further challenged in their learning through reasoning and problem solving in order to gain a deeper understanding. We aim to provide all children with full access to the curriculum, enabling them to achieve confidence and competence in mathematics, rather than many following a set of rules, failing to develop the mathematical skills they need for the future.

Key features of our Mathematics curriculum include:

We recognise, and place great emphasis on the essential knowledge and skills in mathematics. By doing so, this embeds a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, ensuring conceptual understanding is acquired, by utilising a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach, rather than just learning to repeat routines without grasping what is happening.

How you can help at home

There are lots of ways to help to build your child’s confidence in mathematics. There are many fun games and activities you can do with your child that practise maths skills. Most children love playing games and it’s an easy way to support their learning.

Tips for helping your child to enjoy maths: 

Useful websites

Using online resources is a good way to get your child to practise their maths skills at home. Each child has a Mathletics password and a Times Tables Rockstars password to use on the computer, tablet and Ipad. The following websites have fun games and activities to help their learning. Why not try these?

Maths Zone



Oxford Owl – Maths fun activities

Math playground

Times Table Rockstars Log In

How to learn multiplication facts

Ambleside Primary – Table Trees​