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Highlights of our Two Year Rolling Programme…

We group the knowledge we teach under the headings below, so that we can support our pupils to make connections between their learning in different subjects, at different times in their school journey and help them understand why this learning is so important in the wider world:

Each area of study starts with an enquiry question that we continually refer to throughout our learning journey. This helps us make sense of each separate piece of knowledge that we learn about and helps us bring them all together into a coherent outcome:

Years 3 and 4

Year AFamous Inventions
Which inventions have had the biggest influence on our lives?
Going to Extremes
How do we overcome the obstacles we come across?
Survival of the Fittest
What characteristics make you fit for survival?
Year B​Roaming all over the World:
What can learn from Roman civilisation?​​​​​​​
Our Wonderful World:
How can we look after and show appreciation for the environment that we live in?
Past, Present and Future:
What can we learn from the mysteries and beliefs of the past?

Years 5 and 6

​Year A​Only the Brave:
What makes you a hero in life?
Back to the Future:
Which parts of the past have influenced our present and may influence our future?
​To Infinity and Beyond:
How far can our aspirations and ideas take us?
​Year BA Night at the Museum:
How diverse is our World today compared to the past?
Intrepid Explorers- Age of Exploration:
How do discoveries influence lives?
​The Great Escape​:
Is it always right to stand up for our beliefs no matter what?