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Our parents say:

•I choose to send my child/children to CPJA because….

•”I believe that [the staff] work hard to ensure that every child achieves the best they possibly can. As well as lessons in school, they offer the children an opportunity to take part in a variety of clubs and offer educational visits to enhance the topics being taught in school. Staff are friendly and approachable and will make time to deal with any worries or concerns. My child always enjoys coming to school!”

•”His elder brother went there and we found the school very well run, staff very helpful and he was fantastically well supported.”

•”It has great facilities, teachers and staff”

•”I believe that the teachers care about the children and the school.”

•”The staff are highly committed to providing the best education for my child. My child is happy and safe and enjoys the learning environment. The variety of after school clubs are of high quality.”

•”I think the staff and teaching methodologies are positive and allows the children to grow.”

Our pupils say:

“everyone is equal – no one is treated differently – teachers and pupils”

“PE is good…we focus on one thing for half a term so that we can get better at it”

“School is well organised”

“I came from a little school, now I have a lot more friends”

Bullying…”used to be an issue, not any more, there are strict consequences”

“Pupils and teachers are nice and always willing to help”

“No one says – you can’t do this – everyone is very supportive”