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​​​​​​Aims and Values

At Castleford Park Junior Academy, we aim to make learning:

  • Purposeful
  • Relevant
  • Exciting
  • Interesting

To support our pupils with building a 'toolkit' of skills that they can continue to use for life given the quickly changing pace of the world.

We use a thematic approach to teaching the curriculum content which allows us to make meaningful links between subject areas and apply them in a range of contexts – reinforcing transferable skills that will be of use after our pupils have completed school. We also teach to a two year rolling programme in order to ensure pupils do not meet the same topic twice if they are in a mixed year class.

We ensure we respond to the changing context of the world we live in – planning 'Inspire Weeks' into each term so that: links can be made with the wider world and events taking place in the current year, we can bring some subjects together to create inspiring learning opportunities, to bring pupils together in different ways to share their learning experiences within a subject area and to reflect the needs of the pupils. For example, we may link art and writing, have a 'Disability Awareness Week', or a 'Roald Dahl Week'.

Year A

  Autumn Spring Summer

Temples, tombs and treasures

Can anything go in a museum?


Can superheroes change the world?

Young entrepreneurs

Would you buy it?


World War Two

Friend or Foe?

The Natural World

What is the world's worst enemy?

The Ancient World

What mark has Ancient Greece left?

Each unit will have an investigating question, as demonstrated above, and have an overall outcome that the children will work towards throughout the unit – increasing motivation and purposeful learning opportunity. As much of the work done in each subject will link to this as we believe higher standards can be achieved if all are collectively working towards a real outcome. However, links will not be forced, as this could weaken the quality of learning for some subjects. These subjects will be taught in isolation if this is needed. Please see your child's year group Home Page for more details regarding their current topic.

Select the link below to see the National Curriculum content that must be statutorily taught to your child.
Curriculum Content


Year Group Curriculum Presentations
On this page you will be able to find information regarding each year group's curriculum, with key topcs, texts and objectives explained. For any futher guidance please contact child's class teacher who will assist with your issue.

Year 3 PresentationYear 4 PresentationYear 5 PresentationYear 6 Presentation​


Below, are the key skills that we teach in each curriculum area. They support our pupils in being prepared for each subject  as they reach High School. They are progressively more difficult in each year group so that pupils are building on their skill level as they move through school.​

​​ Art Objectives​​ PE Objectives​ DT Key Skills French Skills Geography Skills History Key SkillsICT Key Skills Music Key Skills ​Curriculum Key SkillsScience Ke​y Sk​ills