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Castleford Park Junior Academy

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​School Calendar

​Calendar 2016 - 2017

Term Dates

School Closes

School Opens

Summer Holidays

Tuesday 19th July

Monday 5th September

October half term

Friday 21st October

Monday 31st October

Christmas Holidays

Friday 16th December

Tuesday 3rd January

February half term

Friday 10th February

Monday 20th February

Easter Holidays

Friday 7th April

Monday 24th April

May half term

Friday 26th May

Monday 5th June

Summer Holidays

Tuesday 25th July



Monday 5th September 2016

Friday 21st October 2016

Monday 31st October 2016

Monday 24th July 2017

​Tuesday 25th July 2017


If you need to take a term-time holiday, please write a letter, explaining why it is needed, addressed to the Head teacher. She will consider each request and respond accordingly. Authorisation will only be granted where the absence is unavoidable in school time.


School Calendar 17 / 18

​Term dates

​School Closes

​School opens

​Summer Holidays

​Tuesday 25th July '17

​Monday 4th September '17

​October Half term

​Friday 20th October '17

​Monday 30th October '17

​Christmas Holidays

​Friday 15th December '17

​Tuesday 2nd January '18

​February Half Term

​Friday 16th February '18

​Monday 26th February '18

​Easter holidays

​Thursday 29th March '18

​Monday 16th April '18

​May Half Term

​Friday 25th May '18

​Monday 4th June '18

​Summer Holidays

​Wednesday 25th July '18


4th September '17​


20th October '17​​

2nd January '18​

3rd May '18​

25th July '18​

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